Understand the true value of every relationship.

Predictive Customer Lifetime Value (LTV or CLV) analysis that helps identify your most profitable channels and audiences.
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Any customer data. One place.

Lifetime collects data from the entire customer journey - including offline transactional data, user behaviours event and ad revenue. With all data in one place it’s easy to compare audiences/segments from a lifetime value perspective. Lifetime lets you know the real cost of keeping your customers and helps you stay on top of the ones that drive the most value for your business.


Richer data and more insights.

Lifetime will handle all your complex data in a simple dashboard and helps visualise your lifetime value and costs in customer acquisition. Lifetime will help you become smarter by making you understand which channels, products and behaviours are most valuable for your business.


Insights about your CAC / LTV. When and where you want it.

By integrating with the services you already use, like Slack, Messenger and E-mail - Lifetime lets you decide where you get your insights delivered. Lifetime also lets you connect BI-tools such as Tableau, Looker and Google Sheets. Depending on how often you want updates, insights can be received daily, weekly or monthly. By getting your reports pushed to where you are, there is no need to log in to yet another platform.

Made by Burt

Lifetime is a product from Burt, a cloud solutions provider focused on the global marketing and media industry, helping customers become smarter and more productive using data.